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Luxury Massage and More in Florida

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Other Services

1. The best event of your life through my one and only exclusive private luxury massage and more treatments/services.


2. I will be the host of our private events where it can be you and other high quality women such as yourself at any destination of our choice. It will a collective group investment and decision as to where I will host our events. For example, we can host it in a property in South beach where there are at least ten women who  has contributed in buying the property. Each woman will have a copy of a key to this home and her name written on the title deed. If we purchase a five bedroom property, during our events I can host five women at a time to five bedrooms or if all the ladies agree up to ten woman a night with two in each bedroom.


3. During our time together each person will have my undivided attention as I listen to every concern, desire, complaint while I massage her entire body.


4. Dining in with a professional chef as our cook and server with specially selected beverages to fit every attendee/owner of this property.


5. Walks at the beach with me, one on one time spent together and doing literally whatever we both can agree upon.


6. We can end our day with the next massage treatment and discuss anything more I have to offer. The “more” I’m referring to is for women who would like to have me as a private boyfriend or even to privately father a child with her. The more can also include being a business partner to host more events like this in other States or countries for high net worth women.


7. I love to please women as much as I can and as much as you and the others are willing to allow me. There are only a few women who truly deserves to be treated like a queen or like a precious stone. I hope I’ve found the right stone today.

Here is a more detailed description of what I am offering to you